Tokenize Your Business In ‘5 Simple Steps’


The tokenization of assets is one of the biggest topics in blockchain today. It’s a huge shift from traditional systems, which are based on centralized trust and control. The good news is that it’s not just for huge enterprises like Facebook or Google anymore! You can also tokenize your business with relatively little effort by following these five simple steps:

Tokenize Your Business In ‘5 Simple Steps’

Identify your stakeholders

The first step to tokenizing your business is to identify the stakeholders. Stakeholders are the people, groups and organizations that have a vested interest in your business. They can include investors, customers, employees, suppliers and partners. The more stakeholders identified the better!

Create the token

While you’re still in the planning stages, it’s important to create a token that can be used across your business. This will make it easier for people who want to buy and sell, as well as track all transactions. The best way to do this is by creating an ERC20 token on Ethereum (or any other blockchain), which will allow anyone to access it anywhere in the world at any time with no fees or restrictions.

Create digital assets that can be used with your token

  • Create digital assets that can be used with your token

If you have a physical asset, such as real estate or gold, you can use it as the basis of your token. If not, consider creating digital assets that will appeal to customers and investors alike. For example: if you’re launching a new mobile app for people who want to learn how to cook healthy meals at home but don’t have time for cooking classes (or money), create recipes that users can access through the app on their phones or tablets. This way they’ll always have access when they need them!

Launch the token sale

  • Launch the Token Sale

The first step to tokenizing your business is to launch a token sale. This can be done on a regulated platform, such as an ICO or STO. The goal of launching your own token sale is to raise funds for your project, but it also helps build awareness about what you’re trying to accomplish and give potential investors confidence in how committed you are as an entrepreneur.

  • Choose Your Platform Carefully

If you decide against going through with an ICO or STO due to regulatory concerns, then another option could be an Airdrop where users receive free tokens just by signing up for them (though this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that these participants will buy more). Airdrops are becoming more popular because they’re easy ways for companies like BitTorrent Inc., which launched its own BTT tokens on January 7th 2019 with no pre-sale period required at all!

List your token on exchanges

Listing your coin on exchanges is an important step in the tokenization process. A reputable exchange can increase the value of your token and provide liquidity for those who wish to trade it, as well as increasing visibility for potential investors.

There are many different factors that go into choosing which exchange(s) you should list with, including reputation, security and features such as cold storage options or margin trading (which allows users to borrow money from their broker in order to buy more). When considering which exchanges are best suited for your project, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • What type of cryptocurrency will they accept? Some exchanges only allow certain types of coins while others accept all types – this could make all the difference when deciding where exactly you’ll list your new currency on!
  • How much does it cost? This can vary depending on whether or not there is any sort of vetting process involved (for example: verification). Generally speaking though if you pay more than $100 per month then chances are good that something isn’t right…

Here are 5 simple steps to tokenize your business.

  • Start with a problem
  • Don’t worry about the solution
  • Don’t worry about the features
  • Don’t worry about the user interface (UI) or UX design


We hope this guide will help you to tokenize your business. It’s a complex process with many moving parts, but if you follow the steps we’ve outlined here, you should be well on your way to success.